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Until 21 May 2023

Healing Power

The spiritual search for balance

If you don’t feel good or feel comfortable in your own skin, then an obvious choice is to visit the doctor. Some people, however, turn to treatment methods that can be traced back to ancient traditions in many cultures around the world. The exhibition Healing Power provides insight into different forms of (spiritual) healing and shows the search for balance between the body, soul and mind.

You will learn about six ritualistic specialists who are active in Winti, Vodun, Shamanism, Santo Daime, Mestizo, and Witchcraft. But contemporary art also holds an important position here. After all, numerous well-known and less familiar artists have been inspired by the theme of healing power. The exhibition contains the work of Marina Abramović and Boris van Berkum, among others, as well as personal stories form the ritual specialists.

Fever Tree in Overasselt

Thin places in Gelderland

Ritme Helende Kracht

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Healing Power tour

On Sundays, free walk-in tours can be followed through the exhibition.

Every Sunday | 12.00 and 13.30 | from 12 years | gather at the entrance to the exposition Healing Power | duration: 45 minutes. 

Coby Rijkers

Ritual Specialists


The Other World

Healing Power

What does healing power mean to you?

Helende Kracht

Illness and Imbalance

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Protection and Healing