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Renewing the Museum Park

We’re currently working on renewing the Museum Park. Three of the traditional compounds are being refurbished to emphasise universal themes, so updating them in line with the issues facing contemporary Africa. You’ll get to know all about migration, identity, architecture, language and encounters!

What’s new?

The compounds replicate traditional ways of living in rural Ghana, Lesotho, Mali and Benin. But that’s not the whole story: almost half of Africa’s population lives in major cities – megacities with millions of inhabitants. Just as the Africa Museum’s permanent exhibition emphasizes, Africa is an enormously diverse continent. The issues of migration, identity, architecture, language and encounters you’ll engage with in the revamped Museum Park are more relevant than ever!

The Museum Park is also the backdrop for annual festivals such as the Keti Koti Festival marking the abolition of slavery in the former Dutch colony of Surinam in the 19th century and the Africa Now Festival. The Museum Park is the place where it all happens during the summer programme. During the summer months you can reserve a picnic basket and blanket for a delicious lunch in the park. And the Museum Park also boasts a shop and a café.

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